Pawia Runs your business.
You Take care of Business!

Dog Walkers
Pet Groomers
Dog Trainers...

Pawia is a powerful tool that puts you in charge of your business

Pawia gives you time to spend doing the things you enjoy

Pawia Booking is FREE to use, no trial periods

Pawia is available in UK(GBP), USA (USD), and SA (RAND)

Pawia is built on three modules


The Pawia Booking is freely available, it provides an easy to use method to create booking, update the status, and record what happened, when it happens. Read more here!


Using your booking data Pawia will help manage your accounts, creating invoices and reminders, and track payments.  So you don’t have to. Read more here!


The Pawia Client allows clients to request bookings, add useful information, and you send status updates as they happen. Pawia Client can be charged to your clients.    Read more here!

Set up is easy

You can be running the Pawia booking management through your mobile phone in less than 10 minutes.

Step 1

Complete your basic company details.

Step 2

Complete your personal details.

Step 3

 Configure your Dog Walking service


Booking Features

Pawia booking management is free to use and is available through your mobile phone,
so your calendar is always with you.

With a few simple clicks you can create bookings that includes everything you’ll need to know to attend your appointment. Pawia Booking puts you in control of your diary, allows everyone in your business to create appointments and set prices.

You can also create Meet and Greet sessions, Groomings, House and Pet Sitting, and Training sessions! For each of these you'll be able to see any action requested by your clients for that day, complete it with a record ...

Each booking thathas a charge will automatically be added to their accounts record so that you don't have to. 

And as you attend your bookings the system allows you to record mileage (coming soon), indicate you’ve started the session, and record everything that’s happened for later invoicing.


Remember Pawia cloud Booking is free to use!

You can be running Pawia in less than 10 minutes!

Accountancy Features

Pawia accountancy management is subscription service that allows you to effortlessly create all your invoices at a single click.
Remember Pawia uses the latest encryption and all you invoices and data are secure and not shared with anyone.

Creating invoices manually takes hours it’s easy to make mistakes costly mistakes

The invoices are created using the booking data, adding a line to the invoice for every booking action. The invoices can be printed or emailed to clients.

Obtain management information regarding you monthly cash flow, this can be broken down for each of your booking types.

Easily and clearly see account balances, late payments and credits. Pawia puts you in control of your cash management.

You configure your accounts the way you run your business, everything is confidential all data is secure from everyone with strong encrytption.

Free up time for you and your clients, by using Pawia’s accounting system.

Generate all your invoices, email them to your clients with online payment options. Backed up by Paypal and Stripe credit card processing.

Remember Pawia cloud Accountancy only "£5 per month!

You can be running Pawia in less than 10 minutes!

Client Features

Pawia Client provides up to the second messaging with your client. You’ll be able to notify them when you collect, walk, and complete your bookings – all through their specially designed screen.

Clients will have a special messaging system so that you  an send secure messages, that are logged, and saved in the cloud. You'll be able to send them your invoices directly. 
Once you subscribe to Pawia Client your customers will start to receive real-time information about their bookings, view bills online, and request your services, all  hrough the app. Pawia Client saves you the administration burdens of managing your diary, accounts and payments, in fact all your client interactions are handled through Pawia Client, putting you in charge with the Pawia app.
The time you’ll save using Pawia Client and the rich information you and your clients will share can save you hours every week.
Pawia Client is subscription service charged, free to you becuse you can entirely charge the service direct  to your clients. We recommend  25p per booking (inclusive of VAT) fee to match our cost to you.
We charge you this very low cost booking fee, so that the charges you have are proportionate to your usage. This allows us to provide the features you use rely on, such as booking management completely free, forever!

The booking fee and can be easily be charged back to your clients by increasing the cost of your services by 25p per item, or as a separate Booking Fee line on your client invoices. This allows your accounts to be clearly understood and shows your on-going expenses clearly and simply. Remember, Pawia Client is effectively free to you by simply charging this service to your clients for only 25p per booking.

Pawia Client opens up your time to provide your clients with a professional service backed up by a powerful interactive dog walking management and client information app.

Remember Pawia cloud Booking is free to use.

Remember Pawia Accountancy only "£5 per month.

You can be running Pawia in less than 10 minutes.



Pawia has three modules which are simple enough to make Dog Walkers and their Clients life easier! Pawia Runs your Business, you take care of Business!

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